I Choose Yellow: THe book

By: Emily Casey and Alyssa King

I Choose Yellow is a picture book written in rhyme about a young girl, Emily Marie Casey, who focuses on tackling life’s challenges with positivity.

Emily lived in Mason, Ohio.  She was born with many disabilities, and yet she lived a beautiful life of courage and love for 18 years.  This book was written to help able-bodied people recognize the extraordinary gifts of those who have different abilities and to help all children as they deal with challenges of their own.  I hope this book will advance Emily’s lifelong mission of changing the world by acting with kindness and encouraging small acts of kindness by others.

Emily did not let her inability to speak silence the message she wanted to share with the world, so she made her own language—Emily language.  It’s how we communicated.  “Yellow” was her favorite color and a favorite word in her vocabulary.  It had special meaning.  It stood for positivity, kindness, and courage.  Shortly before Emily died, we wrote this book together.  She was the author, and I was her scribe.