Our mission is to spread yellow through

The book

Emily loved soccer, school, her friends and family, her dog, Kiley, books, and all things YELLOW. Emily introduced me to the power of children's books. Together, Emily and I  wrote, I Choose Yellow, after being friends for five years.

The Movement

Emily lived her life yellow; positive, kind, and courageous. The #IChooseYellow movement wants to carry on Emily's  legacy by encouraging people to choose yellow. Help us spread yellow by letting us know how you choose yellow in your life with the #IChooseYellow.

The Series

Emily was unable to speak "traditional english" but she did not let that stop her from sharing her message with the world. She used her Emily Language to spread positivity, kindness, and courage to everyone she met. 

The I Choose Yellow Series wants to encourage all children to find and share their voice. To continue Emilys legacy we want to turn I Choose Yellow into a series by writing about children who have different abilities and their superpower color. All profits and donations from I Choose Yellow will go into to funding the next story and help another child find their voice, share their message, and use their superpower!