The Emily Marie Casey- I Choose Yellow Fund

in the works

The Emily Marie Casey-I Choose Yellow fund is set up to hold all donations and all profits from I Choose Yellow. The money will be used to fund future projects! Here at I Choose Yellow we feel that children with disabilities are under represented in children's books, so we plan to change that. When enough donations are collected and enough profit is made to fund illustrations for another book people will be able to apply to have their child featured as the main character in the next book in the I Choose Yellow series! All book will focus on the child's ABILITY!


All current donations will go to funding the illustrations. Professional illustrations are expensive, but worth it because of the way that our wonderful illustrator, Evalyn German, can capture Emily's personality. Any donations that exceed the illustration fees will be saved and used for the next book in the I Choose Yellow book series!

How you can help

YOU can help spread Emily's message through subscribing to our site,  joining our movement by using #IChooseYellow on social media, or by making a monetary donation to help fund our project. Thank you for your continuous support.